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Give your face its youthful fullness with a fat transfer.

As youth fades, the fullness of the young face gives way to the hollowness of the aged face.  Youthful facial fullness relies on fatty tissue beneath the skin smoothing the hard angles of the underlying facial muscles and bone.   As fatty tissue is lost, a sunken appearance takes hold. 

The surgeons at Allure Laser Center and Medispa can help restore your youthful fullness, tailoring their approach to you.  They may recommend commercially available injectable fillers, such as Radiesse®, Juvederm®, Belotero Balance®, Restylane® or Sculptra®.  These products can add volume where it’s missing, such as in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips. 

Another option for some patients is a fat transfer.  Fat transfer is a way to restore volume to the face where fat is harvested from another body site and re-implanted to hollow areas in the face.  During the re-implantation process, fat is carefully injected back in place using special techniques to ensure the fat spread smoothly.  Fat transfer is a powerful procedure that can address specific hollow areas or the entire face. 

Fat transfer is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation.  At Allure Laser Center and Medispa, we have a fully certified outpatient surgery center where we can perform a fat transfer and combine it with other procedures or therapies to leave you looking your best. 

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